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Sternwheel Launch Alligator

September 12, 2011

The Sternwheeler Alligator. From THE RUDDER

From the pages of the May & June 1911 issues of “The Rudder” Magazine comes a really unusual vessel – the Alligator, a 42 ft. long, (overall) 8ft. 11 in. beam sternwheel pleasure boat designed by R. M. Haddock. She is really just a big flat-bottomed skiff with sternwheel propulsion. Alligator has a fully enclosed cabin with sleeping accommodations for three, as well as kitchen and toilet facilities. (buy a copy of the article here)

Bryan Lowe

The author of this post is also the editor of ShantyboatLiving.com. He has built several boats including the Escargot seen on this site. Submit YOUR stories about any aspect of shantyboating HERE.

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