Escargot Build One

Excargot Builders log


Partial List of Money Spent:

4 – 1/4″ Maranti ply – $16.88 each – total = $67.52

Framing lumber – most 2×3 and 2×2’s – c. $83

5 tubes of DAP 4000 Glue – $2.08 each – total = $10.40

420 one inch screws –    $18

Epoxy resin one gallon with hardener and thickening agent = c. $85

Epoxy resin one gallon with hardener and thickening agent = c. $85

Used Merc 6 outboard, tank, and hoses- $400

Marine radio – $150

Latest order – 6 sheets of 1/2 inch marine ply, 8 sheets of 3/8″ marine ply, 2 twenty foot long 2 x 6 for building frame, and assorted 1×2 stocks – $765 or so delivered.  Sigh.

Paint: $60 for bottom paint.

The man who built the boat first, about 8 years ago, spent about $1500 exclusive of motor and other fittings.

Modifications:  I decided to make it 6 inches taller. The headroom seemed barely adequate given my height.  At first I measured it out to be one full foot taller.. but it turned out to be too much.. and I worried about it becoming top heavy.  So far very few complications given this change.

Material Notes:  I decided to use a waterproof construction adhesive in a tube.  Not sure if that was wise or not.  I also have decided to screw all materials together.. not nail.  I will say it is more expensive… but seems more solid to my eyes.

Three of the frames so far. Just a lot of 1/4″ plywood, framing lumber, glue and screws.

You build a simple layout table.  Screw in a few stops, measure, measure again, measure once more, and mark and cut.  Even so, there have still been a few errors.

Frame 1:  Rear of the boat.  I am using an outboard instead of a  peddle drive, so I built it a little stiffer.  This means I added a sheet of thin ply on the inside of the frame.  The plans call for this to be open framed on inside.

Frame 2: see table picture

Frame 3:  Next Frame… through middle of galley and dining area..

Frame 4:   separates the eating area and galley from the bathroom and storage closet.

Frame 5, separates bathroom and closet from forward berth..

Frame 6.. bedroom and forward hatch

Frame 7:  Front of boat.  Feet will hit here below… and there is a small forward deck above!


1.  This is a father/son and father/daughter project.  My son is eleven and my daughter is 8.  I am an active father, but this is the first time we have set a goal, worked up a plan, and started working toward completion.  Their involvement is starting fairly small.  I push just a little, know that his attention span is about 32 years shorter than mine, so I don’t make him work with me every time I am out there.   This has meant that he will sometimes come out and start making his own plan to use wood scraps to build a space ship or some such thing.  To me, this is wonderful.  It gives him a chance to work through a project of his own and use some simple tools.  It is like parallel play.  We both have our agenda… and share thoughts as we see fit.  That seems to be how guys best communicate!  I have tried to get Jessa interested in more traditionally male tools, but she doesn’t really get too interested.  So I will not make her.  She wants to help with colors choices, painting, curtains, and windows and beds.  She is quite the artist, so her help will be valuable!  Perhaps I can also get her to try some of the other tools as well.

2.  The best kind of father/son project is one where we BOTH want to do it.  That is where a tree house falls short for me.  Not only do I not have a suitable tree… I no longer take great joy in playing in tree houses.  Now this boat… oh the dreams we have.  And in this case, they are my dreams too.  In Washington State there are many rivers with long slow channels.  

Dreams:  (most of these links are old and probably out of date)

1. We will launch in Lake Washington and head toward the Sammamish River.  It connects Lake Washington with Lake Sammamish. This is rarely used as a waterway anymore, but once was a major route for the passenger steamers.  Many Parks dot the river   When they built the locks connecting Lake Washington with the Sound, the water level lowered and the river became too shallow.  Even for me I will be stopped at about the two thirds point. This will happen at Marymoor Park. Along the river is a popular bike trail.  Bothell Bike Bridge  Burke-Gilman/Sammamish River Trail

2. Snoqualmie/Snohomish River Basin Map Page This river starts in Everett at the Snohomish River Delta and is very calm and relatively secluded up until almost Monroe.  On its way it runs through Snohomish:River town not known for sitting around and twiddling its thumbs.

3. Columbia River – Well… this boat isn’t really suitable for the main channel, but there are plenty of places where a boat such as this would be wonderful. I would start inClatskanie. Work my way to Skamokowa.   Details soon.  Perhaps one day I will start at Clatskanie and head down the river toward Astoria.  Here’s what to see and do in Astoria     Sights highlight city’s historical past

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