Shantyboat Designs: Herald of the Morning

Herald of the Morning An 18' Weekend Shanty Boat By William & John Atkin Website The design this month shows a tidy shanty or houseboat arranged for the...

A puddle duck you can camp out in. Shantyboats on the small side!


Joli Boat

You'll find a lot of info on Joli at Dan Hohman's website. He is on hiatus right now, but I know he'll be back!

Aluminum Houseboats… including some monsters!

There wasn't much info on the site, but there were some ideas below worth sharing.  The site appears to be gone now. The site said:...

Puddle Duck: Launch and Abort

The whitecaps around me confirmed that I was in over my head.  The waves had built to what appeared to be at least a...

Puddle Duck Scow 244 Gets Closer

The Scow 244 build is coming along.  I wanted to use an existing rudder I had, but it didn't include any kickup option, so...

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