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Adventure Sailing: Manie


From https://maniehjbotha.wordpress.com/ Well folks this update is a bit overdue. But when you look at the photos you will understand why. Building a boat like this is a serious amount of work. I am sitting...
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Adventure Sailing: Setting Up for the Build. Pt. 1


What to do when you are ready to build?  The first order of business is to set all things in order, and there are a lot of things in a boat build. The shop...
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Adventure Sailing: Review: Plans are… pretty good.

Adventure Sailing:  Review:  Plans are… pretty good.

Getting new plans is exciting.  Christmas as a kid, that’s what it is like.   Or, it’s like the day you get a new dog.   So much hope, so many dreams. After an...
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Adventure Sailing: Tiny Galley

Jetboil Hanging Kit - REI.com.clipular

Tomorrow my plans will finally arrive from MacNaughton for the Silver Gull 19, but I’ve spent dozens of hours day dreaming, I mean, planning some of the details ahead of time. Macnaughton says, “The...
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More from Adventure Sailing

Homebuilt Houseboat Video

Houseboat Build Vol. 1 - YouTube.clipular (2)

From Youtube:  I could not find a houseboat that was functional for my family so I decided to build one from scratch. I am very excited about how this project is turning out time...
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Rebuilding The Boat With Coroplast & Studs

hqdefault (2)

From YouTube: In the last episode, we were hit by a snowstorm that dumped so much snow on the Sputter Butt that it caved in the top of the boat. It was a complete...
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Boat in a Day

HomeMade pontoon boat - PVC pipe - boat in 1 day - YouTube.clipular

From YouTube:   My Homemade pontoon boat! this was the first boat ever made but definitely not the last. i prefer to call this my pontoon boat but many have referred to it as...
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Ideas from a Gypsy

part one of the Gypsy wagon - YouTube.clipular

I’m certain there are some ideas here that could help with your visions for a shantyboat. Here is an Instructable on building the Spruce Kaboose.
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More from Ideas


Start a Fire with a Guitar Pick- Black Scout Quick Tips - YouTube.clipular

Firestarter Guitarist!

OK, there are no shantyboats in this video. There isn’t even any water! But should a shantyboater need to start a fire, here is a VERY unique and effective way to go about it. Originally posted 2015-05-02 16:47:40.

Building:  Fairing Frames

Building: Fairing Frames

Now this is clever. How do you fair frames and chine logs in order to get the hull panels to fit?   Watch, learn, use. In English… and in German http://klaus.silbernagl.com/pub/bootsbau/workshop/#scheitel   Originally posted 2011-12-19 09:57:27.

And Now for Something Completely Different

HUGE Floating Restaurant

HUGE Floating Restaurant

This floating restaurant makes your typical houseboat or shantyboat look more like a floating...

Instant Houseboat?

Instant Houseboat?

Those tiny house/barn kits that are around… why not built them on a raft...

Boat Roofed Shed

Boat Roofed Shed

From Kent Griswold’s excellent Tiny House Blog… a boat becomes a shed, but could...

New Houseboat At Little Venice (1964) - YouTube.clipular

Houseboat At Little Venice (1964)

From YouTube.com:   This isn’t an especially affordable houseboat, but it’s fun to see...

4 by 4 Houseboat

4 by 4 Houseboat

Youtube Says:  Paddling Home is a 4 x 4 house created by Kacey Wong....

Video:  Sailing Dutch Barges.  Amazing.

Video: Sailing Dutch Barges. Amazing.

From YouTube.  Amazing Dutch barge sailing in the late 1960′s, extracted from the Bert...


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