From Big Annie:  The Wanigan: A sort of houseboat typically used during log drives as a cook shanty, bunkhouse, supply boat, or as a...

Painting Boats

Cosmic Muffin

Shantyboat Kicked Out

Hi/Low Tech Stoves

Wonderful story on the Hubbards.


Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

It's about as far from affordable boat living as you can get, but there are some ideas here. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY7q9ezfbic]

Sailboat to Shantyboat

A few years back, I converted a 21 foot sailboat into what I called a “Shanty Trawler”. “Shanty” because the design was simple, the...


I've long loved the idea of a small boat, as in no more than 10 feet long, that I could use for adventures on...

Puddle Duck: Launch and Abort

The whitecaps around me confirmed that I was in over my head.  The waves had built to what appeared to be at least a...

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Klaus Launches a Beauty!

Klaus launches his Escargot inspired boat after years of work!  Note that we've done a bunch of stories about Klaus and his project.   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwzVjmcqdKk?ecver=2]  


Making Sweeps

Sideways Murphy Bed

Tools! What do you need?

Something Different

UFO Houseboat

Vintage Caraboat

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BBQ Donut Boat

Commercially Built