Trilobuild: She Floats!

A Boat Inspired by Triloboats Site says: The boat is here seen at its new winter home. We've rigged five lines on cable-and-chain dug-in permanent...

Puddle Duck Micro Shantyboat

Luxury “Shanty”. Ideas?

Redneck Houseboat Build

Sternwheel Conversion


PDR/Adventure Sailing: Building Quiets My Mind

Honestly speaking, I sometimes suffer from rumination, excess thought, often negative.   It's a generations long family curse, but I've made some serious progress on...

PDR/Adventure Sailing: A first frame is done.

Our dreams are so often far out of scale with the reality of what he can get done.  My basement is a testament to...

PDR: Cutting Begins

PD Racer: Build Begins

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New Take on French Canal Boat

As poorly translated from the Website :  Unusual accommodation is the towline cabanée accommodation with breathtaking views combined with privacy inimitable Hosting ecological toue cabanée The product...


Something Different

Shantyboat Cooking