Design Musing: Padre Island Skiff

A Design Idea from Tim Rumbinas -Respectable nautical architects have tried their hand at shantyboat design. It’s a  compelling field. For one, it allows...

Wonderful story on the Hubbards.


Dianne’s Rose in the Ice

As seen on YouTube:  Tough Tiny, Shanty/Camp/Houseboat, Heads out into and onto the Ice. Seven of us were warm and comfortable with our Mini...

My NEXT Shantyboat: What I Want

I built my first boat about 27 years ago, and since that time I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't...


I've long loved the idea of a small boat, as in no more than 10 feet long, that I could use for adventures on...

Puddle Duck: Launch and Abort

The whitecaps around me confirmed that I was in over my head.  The waves had built to what appeared to be at least a...

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