Duckworks: Eye of the Beholder

by Kevin McNeill, KMN Designs - Esquimalt, Vancouver - Canada Every boat is beautiful to its owner, you won't find anyone who will admit that...

Guest Design: Canal Sampan

Sideways Murphy Bed

For Sale: Flatboat, $35,000

Electricity in a NutShell

Wonderful story on the Hubbards.


BBQ Donut Boat

So what, exactly, is a BBQ Donut? It's odd... it's clever... it gets one thinking... ok, it's really odd: The bbq-donut® - the unique leisure...

Shantyboat Built in 3.5 months!

Scott Ferguson sent me news of his latest boat build, and it's pretty slick! "This project is a motor camper for 2 persons with galley...


I've long loved the idea of a small boat, as in no more than 10 feet long, that I could use for adventures on...

Puddle Duck: Launch and Abort

The whitecaps around me confirmed that I was in over my head.  The waves had built to what appeared to be at least a...

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