Converted Landing Craft Houseboat

The site says:   This is a recording of Ken Turner's memories of his parent's houseboat "Smugglers" on Benfleet Creek. In it he refers to...

Entertaining Aboard


Wonderful story on the Hubbards.


Cosmic Muffin

A houseboat with a difference.  A converted aircraft once owned by Howard Hughes. From the website: While many boats over the years have pridefully claimed to...

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

It's about as far from affordable boat living as you can get, but there are some ideas here. [youtube]


I've long loved the idea of a small boat, as in no more than 10 feet long, that I could use for adventures on...

Puddle Duck: Launch and Abort

The whitecaps around me confirmed that I was in over my head.  The waves had built to what appeared to be at least a...

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Klaus Launches a Beauty!

Klaus launches his Escargot inspired boat after years of work!  Note that we've done a bunch of stories about Klaus and his project.   [youtube]  


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